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Traditional 8 Yard Kilt

Fully Hand Woven 8 Yard Traditional Kilt

Fully Hand-Stitched 8-Yard Kilt. This painstaking work uses the most traditional techniques to make you a truly uniquely crafted garment. The kilt is fully hand stitched from start to finish

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Casual 5 Yard Kilt

Tweed Kilt

Tweed Kilt. The kilt is machine stitched and hand finished from 8 yards of genuine tweed, is lined with canvas with 3 leather straps to ensure an excellent fit. Note that Tweed usually needs to be hemmed, so these kilts will be a little heavier than a standard tartan kilt.

Trews and Trousers


Fly Plaids

The perfect accompaniment to your kilt jacket on the most special of occasions.

Made with 1.3 metres of cloth, our fly plaids are available in a wide choice of tartans.

Fringed and gathered in one corner to fit more easily through your epaulette. We also offer a range of plaid brooches to accessorise your look.

This item is made to order in our own tailoring workshop in Glasgow.

Piper And Drummer Plaids

We make full regulation-Piper Plaids and Drummer Plaids.

The Piper Plaids are made with 3 to 4.5 yards of cloth, in a wide choice of tartans. The fringe is ‘purled’, meaning that it’s been twisted and knotted. Drummer plaids are made with 2 to 3 yards of cloth.

These can be pleated to the stripe (standard for military dress) or to the sett, depending on how you want it to match to your kilt.

Making time is generally around 4-6 weeks.

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